New: Interdicting Terrorist Travel

Morocco and the United States will launch a new Initiative under the auspices of the FTF Working Group, aimed at addressing potential weaknesses and gaps in a country’s capacity to watchlist, share information, and utilize that information for screening purposes. Announced during the Thirteenth GCTF Coordinating Committee in March 2018, in Tokyo, Japan, the Initiative will develop a set of Good Practices that can enable countries and organizations to build broader and more efficient watchlist and terrorist screening infrastructures. These Good Practices will serve a companion document to the GCTF Good Practices in the Area of Border Security and Management in the Context of Counterterrorism and Stemming the Flow of Foreign Terrorist Fighters.

In a series of region-specific workshops, the Initiative will address and support the (1) development effective watchlisting standards; (2) organization and management of authoritative watchlists; (3) establishment of clear roles and responsibilities of the intelligence services, screeners, and law enforcement in watchlist management; (4) use of watchlists to screen travelers at a country’s air, maritime and land borders, in order to detect and interdict known and suspected terrorist travelers; (5) exchange of watchlist information with other countries to maximize the utilization of traveler data, including biographic and biometric data when known and suspected terrorists are encountered, for screening purposes.