GCTF - Working Groups

There are currently five Working Groups, three of which are thematic (Countering Violent Extremism; Foreign Terrorist Fighters; and Criminal Justice and the Rule of Law) and two which are focused on regional capacity-building (Capacity-building in the East Africa Region and Capacity-building in the West Africa Region).


All Working Groups seek to identify relevant civilian counterterrorism challenges and capacity gaps or needs; consider activities to address these gaps or needs; and mobilize political will, financial resources, and expertise to implement those activities. 

GCTF Working Groups

Countering violent extremismCountering Violent Extremism Australia Indonesia
Criminal justice and rule of lawCriminal Justice and the Rule of Law Nigeria Switzerland
Foreign Terrorist Fighters Jordan United States
Horn of Africa Capacity BuildingCapacity-building in the East Africa Region Egypt European Union
Sahel Region Capacity BuildingCapacity-building in the West Africa Region Algeria Germany

In September 2017, GCTF Members decided that the activities of the former GCTF Detention and Reintegration (DR) Working Group would be integrated into the three thematic GCTF Working Groups. The GCTF DR Working Group was active between 2014 and September 2017.