Founding Documents

Two core documents underpin the Global Counterterrorism Forum — the Political Declaration and the Terms of Reference.

The Political Declaration outlines the principles and objectives that established the Forum. In it, the founding members acknowledge the threat and its destructive consequences, condemn all forms of terrorism and violent extremism, and underscore the importance of comprehensive, sustainable responses.

The Terms of Reference outline the structure and standard operating procedures of the Forum.

Additional commitments

Over the years, a number of other high-level outputs have been agreed by the Forum's membership. The GCTF has issued statements and declarations, including with the United Nations. These documents describe additional commitments made by the Forum.

Reflecting on the Forum’s First Decade and Looking Forward

The GCTF Strategic Vision for the Next Decade | Arabic | French outlines the achievements and challenges of the Forum’s first decade and provides recommendations to guide and to reinforce the GCTF’s contributions to the international counterterrorism architecture in the coming years. Following an extensive series of consultations and an internal review process, the GCTF Strategic Vision for the Next Decade was endorsed at the Eleventh Ministerial Plenary Meeting in October 2021.

The Forum’s Strategic Vision is complemented by an independent report on The First Decade of the Global Counterterrorism Forum: Monitoring, Evaluating and Looking Forward. This report reflects upon and assesses the Forum’s work to help improve the promotion and practical use of GCTF outputs, to enhance the relevance, impact, and efficiency of the GCTF, and contribute to its sustainability. The Executive Summary, which contains the most important conclusions and recommendations, is available here: English | Arabic | French