Policy Toolkits

GCTF policy toolkits are practical, user-friendly resources for practitioners, policymakers and other experts. Policy toolkits provide guidance to translate GCTF Framework Documents into concrete actions. They feature case studies and references to existing international and regional initiatives and practices that can help States to formulate responses to terrorist and violent extremist threats. 

These GCTF resources are developed through a series of activities such as workshops and expert meetings and by seeking written comments. The Forum regularly invites the three GCTF Inspired Institutions, United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities, and other non-member countries and organizations, including regional and sub-regional organizations, academic experts, and civil society representatives, to participate in the development of GCTF resources.

A draft toolkit is subject to one or more comment periods. Input from non-members can be sought through workshops and review meetings, and during comment periods.

Given that GCTF toolkits build on existing GCTF Framework Documents, these documents are reviewed by the Forum’s Members before being presented to a meeting of the Coordinating Committee for information.