GCTF Partner Resources

The GCTF is an action-oriented, outwardly looking multilateral counterterrorism platform. To strengthen its reach and knowledge base, the Forum draws upon a diverse group of partners to complement and supplement the experience and expertise of its members such as: non-GCTF member states, the GCTF Inspired Institutions, the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact, regional intergovernmental organizations, academic experts, and civil society organizations. The following are publicly available CT and P/CVE resources produced by GCTF partners in one or more of the GCTF working languages and that address, build upon or complement the Forum’s priority themes and outputs and support the promotion and practical use of GCTF Framework Documents, tools, and manuals.  

These resources complement existing GCTF resources, but may include designations, names and boundaries that do not imply endorsement or acceptance by the Forum. They are shared to provide our broader community of practice with additional tools to enhance and strengthen our collective efforts to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism.  



Criminal justice
Gender Dimensions
Human rights
National local cooperation
Emerging threats
Other topics