Watchlisting Guidance Manual

As part of the effort to implement the New York Memorandum of Good Practices on Terrorist Travel, the United States plans to develop a watchlisting toolkit, which would aim to support the development, use, and maintenance of individual member states' watchlists. A series of technical workshops will be held throughout 2020 to develop the content of this toolkit focusing on procedural, legal, and technological components of building, using, and maintaining a watchlist. Areas of focus could include how to establish the legal, regulatory, procedural frameworks of a national watchlisting enterprise, what to do with an encounter on a watchlist; how to share information on a watchlist domestically and with international partners; and, how to integrate passenger traveler data and/or biometrics into watchlisting processes.

The input gathered during these technical workshops and through written feedback and statements from GCTF Members and partners will inform the development of a GCTF toolkit in the form of a GCTF Watchlisting Guidance Manual. This Guidance Manual will set forth necessary steps and procedures for governments to establish and maintain effective and efficient watchlisting procedures in line with states' legal obligations, including compliance with international human rights law. The Manual will provide a step-by-step guide, which will assist states that have yet to set up a complete watchlisting procedure, as well as states addressing difficulties with existing watchlist processes.