Emerging Threats 

Developing a greater understanding of new and emerging threats is crucial for effective counter-narratives, capacities, and strategies.

To remain ahead of the curve in addressing emerging threats, the GCTF provides a platform for counterterrorism officials, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world to share and develop good practices, expertise, strategies, tools, and capacity building programs. Identifying gaps and challenges contributes to effectively addressing emerging threats.

Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) ˅˄

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Hedayah ˅˄

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The International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ)˅˄

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Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS)˅˄

This brief examines these threats and the ways that international organizations, including the United Nations, can and should protect against the misapplication of these technologies by states and nonstate actors alike.

In this policy brief, Eleonore Pauwels examines how AI and data capture technologies can be positively harnessed and potentially misused, as the new paradigm of predictive behavioral analysis and population data capture is increasingly being presented as a solution to challenges in humanitarian action, conflict prevention, and counterterrorism. The brief advances recommendations for ensuring a do-no-harm approach to deploying these technologies in the field.