UN Counter-Terrorism Centre – GCTF Border Security Initiative Regional Workshop on the Horn of Africa

UN Counter-Terrorism Centre – GCTF Border Security Initiative Regional Workshop on the Horn of Africa

3-4 December 2015

The workshop built on the 2013 Rabat Conference on border control cooperation in the Sahel and Maghreb and the Inaugural Conference of the BSI, held on 21-22 July 2105 in El Jadida, Morocco, as well as good practices compiled at events in Cairns, Australia in August and Vienna, Austria in September. 

The objective of the workshop was to bring border officials from countries in the region and international border security and management experts together to further discuss identified challenges and potential good practices in the area of cross-border cooperation.

Key themes of discussion included:

  • The level of stability and security in a country or a border area is critically important for the overall success of border security and management policies.

  • High-ranking officials in national agencies dealing with border security and management may not necessarily be as effective as presumed in inter-agency cooperation.

  • Inter-agency coordination process in border security should be inclusive.

  • Mandates and working methods of border security and management agencies need to be revised and up-dated in order to address new risks connected to terrorism.

  • Border demarcation issues affect overall border security and management.

  • Countries need to develop robust social and economic policies that integrate remote border communities into society, aiming to increase inclusiveness.

  • Engagement with border communities is a key contributor to border security and management.

  • The gap between de facto and officially registered refugees is a common challenge in the countries of the HOA region.

  • The countries in the HOA region should be able to benefit from the international databases to enhance their border management.

  • Improved capacities are crucial for a robust border security and management.

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