Sahel Working Group - Fourth Plenary Meeting

Sahel Working Group - Fourth Plenary Meeting

28-30 November 2016

Participants discussed improving police cooperation, building legal and judicial cooperation, GCTF/Partner capacity-building efforts, enhancing abilities to counter financing of terrorism, border security in the Sahel region and reports from the expert’s workshop on national actions plans to prevent violent extremism. 

Key themes that emerged during the meeting discussed included:


  • Addressing the phenomenon of returning foreign terrorist fighters in the Sahel region is becoming more urgent than ever.

  • Facilitation of information sharing among justice sector officials in the Sahel region and improved coordination and identification of shared priorities are essential for building legal and judicial cooperation.

  • Countering financing of terrorism remains an area that requires further attention and action in the Sahel region.

  • Countries of the Sahel region continue to face significant challenges in the area of border security and management.