Twelfth GCTF Coordinating Committee Meeting

Twelfth GCTF Coordinating Committee Meeting

18 September 2017

Key highlights included an innovative scenario-based discussion that highlighted challenges on the issue of returning foreign terrorist fighters and their families. This interactive session provided opportunity to discuss various national experiences with different interventions, dilemmas and possible solutions.

GCTF Members were presented with the outcomes of two key initiatives, the Strategic Communications Initiative and the Soft Target Protection Initiative. 

Working Group Co-Chairs updated members on activities conducted since the last Coordinating Committee Meeting in March 2017 (Zurich, Switzerland) and the three GCTF-inspired institutions – GCERF, Hedayah, and the IIJ – briefed members on their work in implementing and operationalizing GCTF’s strategic priorities.

Furthermore, GCTF Members decided on new GCTF Working Groups Co-Chairs and the extension of the GCTF Co-Chairs’ Term. Following this, presentations were given by the incoming GCTF Working Group Co-Chairs on their future plans and ambitions regarding the various GCTF Working Groups.