Returning Families in Central Asia

Returning Families in Central Asia

18 October 2022

Building on the Good Practices on Addressing the Challenge of Returning Families of Foreign Terrorist Fighters, the FTF Working Group Co-Chairs, Jordan and the United States, held a virtual regional workshop to promote the integration of policy and practice related to returning families of foreign terrorist fighters in the Central Asia region. This workshop brought together national and local governments, international organizations, local-level stakeholders, community groups, subject matter experts, and academia.

Responses to Returning Families: Multidisciplinary Stakeholder Approaches of the Justice System and Community Rehabilitation and Reintegration Efforts

The workshop explored integrative responses of communities and local-level stakeholders in the Central Asia region involved in interventions for families returning from living and/or fighting with foreign terror groups, as well as challenges to coordination and cooperation in local justice systems following their assessment on non-actionability. Participants also discussed obstacles faced during reintegration, rehabilitation and reconciliation between affected communities and the returning families of FTFs, with a focus on women and children, by exploring the dimensions of trauma-informed care, mental health, and psychosocial support.  

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is the Implementing Partner for this GCTF activity.

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