Transforming Good Practices into Recommendations for Funding and Enabling Community-level P/CVE

Transforming Good Practices into Recommendations for Funding and Enabling Community-level P/CVE

04 April 2023

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) conducive to terrorism requires a multi-faceted approach. The Initiative on Funding and Enabling P/CVE initiatives at the Community Level, led by the CVE Working Group Co-Chairs, Australia and Indonesia, supported by Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) as implementing partner, hosted the fifth workshop. This workshop brought together Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) practitioners and policymakers to share knowledge and good practices in funding and enabling P/CVE initiatives at the community level.

The initiative is part of the CVE Working Group 2022-24 Work Plan. The CVE Working Group objectives include identifying solutions to overcome barriers to funding to enable community-level P/CVE interventions. Building on lessons learned, this Initiative aims to collate and discuss diverse experiences in funding and enabling community-level P/CVE, to develop recommendations for fast-tracking localization within respective national contexts and identify good emerging practices.

The Initiative is structured into six workshops each subsequently building on the other. The first two workshops focused on discussing the challenges of community-level P/CVE. The following two workshops focused on good practices when dealing with such challenges; and finally, the last two workshops are focused on providing recommendations to draft a Framework Document.

During the fifth workshop, a panel discussion was held to share ideas, perspectives and experiences, followed by a plenary discussion focusing on recommendations. A wide range of stakeholders were engaged with to support the development of recommendations beneficial for both traditional as well as non-traditional donors, such as the private sector and social enterprises, at national and international levels.

Bringing P/CVE practitioners and policymakers together supports deeper discussions around the challenges involved with community-level initiatives and promotes the sharing of best practices, which can be tailored to local and national needs with the aim to strengthen the resilience of communities and society.