The GCTF Administrative Unit (AU)

The GCTF Administrative Unit (AU) is integral to developing, facilitating, and managing the execution of GCTF policies, procedures and activities. The GCTF AU carries out the overarching, day-to-day operations of the Forum and provides the necessary analytical, administrative, and logistical support to the GCTF Coordinating Committee and its Working Groups and Initiatives.

The GCTF AU supports the overall management of GCFT-hosted activities, coordinating with the GCTF Co-Chairs and providing guidance to Working Group Co-Chairs, Initiative Leads and Implementing Partners. It is responsible for maintaining oversight of GCTF procedures and practices. It develops, facilitates, and manages the sharing of information among GCTF Members and, as appropriate, other relevant stakeholders of their relevant (national) practices and programs, GCTF Framework Documents, and information regarding GCTF activities. It coordinates the promotion of GCTF tools with the three GCTF Inspired Institutions.

The GCTF AU also liaises with relevant agencies of the United Nations system—primarily through the Secretariat of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact—to coordinate activities, to identify complementarities, and to foster transparency.

The GCTF AU is hosted by the Netherlands.

You can find the GCTF AU’s Gender Pledge here.

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