"Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism"* Toolkit Initiative 

Building on existing GCTF outputs and the April 2021 GCTF REMVE-focused exploratory dialogues held in coordination with the GCTF CVE Working Group, the United States and Norway are organizing a series of workshops that aim to promote discussion of national and multilateral approaches and challenges on topics ranging from understanding REMVE-related threats, the international aspects of REMVE including countering REMVE-related travel and the financing of REMVE-related activities to information sharing, and respecting privacy and human rights while countering REMVE. The Initiative aims to develop a GCTF REMVE Toolkit, which will include technical, concrete recommendations on how states can approach REMVE and REMVE-related challenges.

The Asser Institute and Valens Global will serve as the Initiative’s implementing partners.

*GCTF Members and experts use a number of different expressions to describe REMVE and inter-related threats. These include “racially or ethnically motivated terrorism,” “ideologically motivated violent extremism,” “right-wing terrorism,” “far-right terrorism,” “extreme-right terrorism,” “violent right-wing extremism,” and “white supremacist terrorism,” among others. Despite differences in terminology, each of these expressions describes terrorist attacks perpetrated by individuals or groups who promote or conduct violence in the name of defending against perceived threats to their racial or ethnic identity or ensuring the superiority/supremacy thereof.