Capacity-building in the East Africa Region

Horn of Africa Capacity Building Working Group (HOA) Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group

Co-chaired by Egypt and the European Union, the Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group aims to address terrorism and violent extremism dynamics and requirements in the region by mobilising adequate resources. It provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and cooperation among a variety of stakeholders to promote dialogue, understanding, sharing of analysis and lessons learned with a view to build collaborative partnerships in and for the region.

The Working Group has recently expanded its focus from anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing to include rule of law-based CT investigations and prosecutorial capacity, CVE, and the FTF phenomenon. Furthermore, the Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group focuses on the following:

  • The assessment of current trends and developments in the region, including progress made in legislation, police and justice cooperation as well as national and regional P/CVE strategy development;
  • The possibility of holding dedicated workshops to present the GCTF Life Cycle of Radicalisation Toolkit to HOA policy makers and practitioners;
  • Further consolidation of the Local Coordination Mechanism: the Working Group has allocated a Local Coordinator to each HOA partner country – France for Djibouti, Australia for Ethiopia, the United States for Kenya, Turkey for Somalia and Yemen, Germany for Tanzania, and the Netherlands for Uganda and Sudan;
  • Further cooperation and synergy by involving the three GCTF-inspired institutions - GCERF, Hedayah and IIJ - as well as ISS and IGAD CVE Centre to facilitate implementation of GCTF tools and good practices in the region.

The GCTF Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group was established in September 2017 to broaden the scope of the previous GCTF Horn of Africa (HoA) Working Group. The HoA Working Group was active between 2011 until September 2017, and Co-Chaired by the European Union  and Turkey.