Horn of Africa Capacity-Building

Horn of Africa Capacity Building Working Group (HOA)

Co-chaired by the European Union and Turkey, the Horn of Africa (HOA) Capacity Building Working Group aims to build capacity to counter terrorism and violent extremism in the region, by identifying and bridging capacity-building gaps. It provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and cooperation among a variety of stakeholders to promote dialogue, understanding, sharing of analysis and lessons learned, and collaborative partnerships in the region and beyond. 

The Working Group has expanded its focus from anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing to include strengthening rule of law-based CT investigations and prosecutorial capacity, CVE, and the FTF phenomenon.

The current areas of focus of the HOA Working Group are:

  • Completion of the mapping of civilian-focused counterterrorism capacity-building initiatives in the HOA region, aimed at deepening engagement and guiding the efforts of GCTF Members in the region, including through establishment of proposed coordination platforms in the relevant capitals of the regional countries.
  • Facilitate meetings of local coordination groups, including on the following themes: radicalization in prisons, strategic communications, returning FTF, justice and police cooperation, juveniles, and women in CVE.
  • Make more use of the GCTF-inspired institutions, namely GCERF, Hedayah, and the IIJ. Specifically, encourage states in the region to use GCERF as a funding mechanism to support P/CVE at the community level and encourage GCTF donor governments to engage GCERF.
  • Regional workshops have highlighted the need to formulate comprehensive, whole-of-government national strategies in the region that tailor CVE efforts to local needs, including building HOA government capacity and exchanging good practices in engaging religious leaders for credible counter-narratives. This has included an annual regional exposition of CT capacity-building efforts in the HOA region and a Symposium on Youth and CVE, held in Djibouti City in May 2016.