Capacity-building in the East Africa Region

Horn of Africa Capacity Building Working Group (HOA) Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group

Co-chaired by Egypt and the European Union, the Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group aims to address terrorism and violent extremism dynamics and requirements in the region by mobilising adequate resources. It provides a forum for information exchange, networking, and cooperation among a variety of stakeholders to promote dialogue, understanding, sharing of analysis and lessons learned with a view to build collaborative partnerships in and for the region.

The Working Group has recently expanded its focus from anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing to include rule of law-based CT investigations and prosecutorial capacity, CVE, and the FTF phenomenon. Furthermore, the Capacity-building in the East Africa Region Working Group focuses on the following:

  • The assessment of current trends and developments in the region, including progress made in legislation, police and justice cooperation as well as national and regional P/CVE strategy development;
  • The possibility of holding dedicated workshops to present the GCTF Life Cycle of Radicalisation Toolkit to HOA policy makers and practitioners;
  • Further consolidation of the Local Coordination Mechanism: the Working Group has allocated a Local Coordinator to each HOA partner country – France for Djibouti, Australia for Ethiopia, the United States for Kenya, Turkey for Somalia and Yemen, Germany for Tanzania, and the Netherlands for Uganda and Sudan;
  • Further cooperation and synergy by involving the three GCTF-inspired institutions - GCERF, Hedayah and IIJ - as well as ISS and IGAD CVE Centre to facilitate implementation of GCTF tools and good practices in the region.