As determined at the Seventh Coordinating Committee Meeting in May 2015, the Netherlands assumed the seat held by the United States at the September 2015 Sixth Ministerial Plenary; and Morocco assumed the seat held by Turkey at the Ninth Coordinating Committee Meeting in April 2016.

In April 2016, the new Co-Chairs – Morocco and the Netherlands – launched their Strategic Plan of Action for 2016-2018, expressing their firm commitment to consolidate and build on the Forum’s achievements to date by focusing on five strategic priorities (the “5-Rs”):

  • Results: enhancing the impact of the GCTF’s work, supporting members to incorporate the GCTF framework documents into their policies, and developing ideas in tandem with practical tools;
  • Resources: leveraging funds and expertise, and matching needs and resources;
  • Relations: continuing active outreach and partnerships, and seeking creative platforms for cooperation;
  • Reinforcement: strengthening the GCTF’s toolkit and infrastructure; and
  • Renewal: setting the agenda on topical CT issues, and keeping ahead of the curve.

Working Groups

The GCTF has six Working Groups, four of which are thematic (Criminal Justice and the Rule of Law; Countering Violent Extremism; Foreign Terrorist Fighters; and Detention and Reintegration) and two which are geographic, focusing on capacity-building in the key regions of the Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

Coordinating Committee

The GCTF’s Coordinating Committee, which meets twice every year, oversees the mandates and activities of the Forum’s six Working Groups, and provides strategic guidance on how best to prioritize GCTF initiatives and projects in order to address most effectively the evolving terrorist threat and to stay ahead of the curve. Chaired by the GCTF Co-Chairs, the Coordinating Committee consists of all GCTF Members, represented by their national counterterrorism coordinator or other senior counterterrorism (CT) policy-maker.

Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit supports the work of the GCTF Co-Chairs, the Coordinating Committee, working groups, and members. In September 2015, the Administrative Unit moved to The Hague, the Netherlands.

Structure GCTF