Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) Working Group

Co-chaired by Morocco and the Netherlands, the “Foreign Terrorist Fighters” (FTF) Working Group addresses the ongoing and salient challenges presented by the FTF phenomenon. The Working Group was established following an initiative led by Morocco and the Netherlands, and which led to the development of The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon (The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum). 

The Working Group provides a critical platform for developing practical initiatives to help coordinate and build on efforts at the national-, regional- and international-levels to stem the flow of FTFs and address the complex issues related to their return. The FTF Working Group initiatives are guided by The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum, other framework documents, the Working Group’s work plan, as well as UN Security Council Resolution 2178 (UNSCR 2178).

The current areas of focus of the FTF Working Group are:

  • Developing practical recommendations across two cross-cutting themes, namely trends and dynamics, and outreach and engagement, and in three areas in particular: (i) strategic communications; (ii) border control; and (iii) criminal justice and rehabilitative measures.
  • A new Dialogue on Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Radicalization to Violence in Central Asia Initiative, led by the United States, under the auspices of the FTF Working Group. This initiative will assist Central Asian States in addressing the challenges of countering FTFs in their region.
  • Promoting implementation of the Addendum to The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon that focuses on particular ways and means to address the specific challenges of returning FTFs (RFTFs), including their rehabilitation and reintegration, as part of the GCTF’s Life Cycle Initiative.
  • Further development of the FTF Knowledge Hub, a web-based source of information on FTF trends and dynamics.
  • A Catalogue of FTF-related Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and Returnee Programs – a collection of existing national programs - that will serve as a resource for implementing The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum. Hedayah will manage the catalogue as a living document and facilitate engagement with interested states.